How do I get this girl to open up?

So a girl I messaged on POF, replied to my first message by saying "wait, an actual cute guy messages me. Most of the time it's guys I'm not attracted to, you win."

I'm flattered by the compliment but she didn't respond to the questions I asked about her and her interests and one that I did, she gave a short answer.

Conversation on is obviously something I value. And while I know she's physically attracted, I wanna build strong conversation to keep it going.

Think she might be shy? How should I proceed?


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  • Bare in mind, that could be a message that she sends to all her matches so, don't get attached to easily. The thing with online dating is both parties have to be willing to interact with each other so the conversations have to flow from both ends. If one is asking all the question and the other just keeps giving short ones without following it with another question then it won't work.

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    • Yup, if there is no effort then why bother, yenno?

    • I agree. It's only early on though. We haven't met in person. Usually when I'm in the early stages of messaging a person prior to texting, i gotta do all the imitating and stand out as women get way more messages.

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  • Ask her some more questions. Maybe she doesn't like chatting online, in which case, move on to meeting her in person.

    • Yeah I don't know. It's only been one day since we started talking. Some people wanna wait. Some get straight to the point.

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