Does this gesture mean its potentially more than casual?

For the past 18months, i've been involved in a long distance (UK -US) casual situationship. It was my birthday a few days ago, and i heard his friend mention it to him on the phone. He didn't wish me happy birthday that day... but the following day he text saying he was out of town, and could he take me for breakfast to celebrate. I went, and we ended up spending the day together. Not a huge gesture i know - but as its casual, i was only really expecting a happy birthday text. Would you say this type of gesture signifies that he see's this as potentially more than casual?

Im currently in the US by the way :)


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  • He flew to the Uk or the US from the other one, just to get you breakfast?

    Doesn't sound casual.

    • Sorry, i wasn't clear - im currently in the US anyway

    • I guess if there was someone I talked to quite often online, and I was in town I might pay a visit to them as well. Maybe you guys have chemistry since you managed to spend the whole day together, I would probably leave at some point if I wasn't having a good time.

      Then again long distance relationships are hard, and that kind of distance especially could be really daunting. I think most people in that situation could maybe make the trip once or twice a year.

      To answer your question plainly: No.

      I don't think it necessarily points to him thinking it could be something more than casual. Simply because he may see the difficulties in having an actual relationship. But the possibility is there.

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  • No, that doesn't mean he considers your relationship more than casual. It was just a gesture to show you that he cares to some extent.

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