Is dating really even woth all the time and effort you put in?

I feel like dating is stupid because if the girl/guy you are dating breaks up with you and you still like them, I can bet they're still on your mind. Even if you started dating someone new after the new person breaks up with you, it will remind you of your ex who broke up with you. Like, what's the point of dating if you know it won't last forever? First you go through all that happiness and after the breakup, you go through all the suffer. Like, my ex girlfriend broke up with me about 5 or 6 months ago because it wasn't working out. Yet she still wants to talk to me. I left her alone for a month, she ended up texting me 3 weeks ago saying her parents took her phone and would talk to me as soon as she can.

Like, why the hell is she still talking to me after her breaking up? She dosen't have any feelings for me or anything.


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  • It's good to see, @saudi1998, that you would not Jump right Back into the Fire of Desire from the Frying pan so Quick with having Split with an Ex, knowing That... They're still on your mind. However, some people do it. Loneliness and Perhaps Comparing the Ex to the One at hand who May remind One of Him or Her. Most of the Time a "Rebound" is Not the Answer.
    Sitting around Every day and Wishing that Things Could be or Could Have been Different, is not Going to Get you Anywhere here, dear. Focus on your own life and when it Would come where it Might be Worth your Time again, go back to Dating but go Slow with the Flow.
    If an "EX" that still Marks an X in your own Softie Spot comes out of Nowhere to See what's up with you or to say "Hi," it's because she Could be Missing the Kissing or just Having you around and is Thinking about you.
    Whatever her Own circumstances might be as to Why she might Come and go, she Only knows. This is why it's Good to not Sit around and Wait for What Could or Could not Be... Fate.
    Good luck. xx


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  • friends with benefits is better

    • She wanted that at first, but then went back to dating.

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    • No guys friends I guess and she still misses you

    • Well, she's not really allowed to date, strict parents. Maybe she was thinking of me and was missing me, yeah.

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  • The whole point is to keep dating til you find someone who you don't break up with and spend your life with that person.

    You've just gotta go into each date and each new relationship attempt having accepted that a potential break up is just part of that process. Obviously, any time you commit to being in an exclusive relationship, it should be with the assumption you're building toward something more permanent, but if it ends it's just another adventure among your journey.

    • Yeah, but say you can't get them out your head because they are still here talking to you.

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    • I still kinda like her i guess

  • Dating is pointless.


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  • Depends on the person you're dating.