Help me out people? Being a spy for a girlfriend? Or not helping her and be good with my friend?

So I have a female friend ( no relationship), and she is in love with my bestfriend of mine for years. My bestfriend and female friend have known each other for some years already, and I have known my female friend for a like a year So me female friend is very in love with my bestfriend, and he knows it for years. He also likes her, but he doesn't want a relationship. My female friend asks me to help her and spy on him and she tells me all kind of secrets, like my bestfriend texted her once that he was jealous of me talking with her.
My bestfriend tells me some little secret stuff about her, like she once send a picture of her butt to him and he also told me that he would NEVER have a relationship with her, despite he keeps texting with her etc. However my female friend tells me a lot of stuff and she really relies on me it seems sometimes.
So I am the middle person, but I don't know what to do now. Should I keep listening to her and give her advice, despite knowing that he would never want a relationship with her. Or should I tell her that I want nothing to do with it anymore. Or should I tell her that he told me that he never wants a relationship with her, but then I break his trust with me.
Help me please?


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  • Just tell them both you need to stay put as otherwise if anything happens it'll put you even more in the middle for hiding stuff

  • Don't do that under no circumstances. You will end up getting in the middle of it and everyone will end up blaming you. Tell her that you won't do that.


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