My Husband keeps mentioning his ex girlfriend, what can I do?

My husband & his ex girlfriend was together for 13 years. They broke up last year. Anyways him & I got together in January and got married. He was the one who wanted to get married so quickly , I don't know why. We also have a little girl on the way which I'm 31 weeks pregnant. After everything that has happened he still mentions his ex girlfriend every other day. AND SHE LIVES RIGHT DOWN THE STREET !!! She cheated on him & she is still with the man that she cheated on him with. Which EVERY TIME my husband see's him he gives him dirty looks and etc. What can I do? Because I just feel like he's with me to make her jealous..


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  • Red flags everywhere...
    Did you not know of this ex girlfriend when you first started dating?
    How old is your husband?

    • I'm 19 & my husband is 38. And yes he fairly mentioned her but I never met her

    • Yea... your husband is a douche. The age gap isn't a problem its the fact that he doesn't communicate with you and understand where you're coming from. You've told him how it makes you feel right?

    • Yes and by the time I get my first sentence out he gets mad and tells me I'm wrong. Which I know I'm right..

  • This spells out worst nightmare ever


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  • Sounds like you were the rebound hun... I mean if they were together that long clearly he wouldn't be over her by then. And the fact she lives across the road shows that he can't.

    • I know ): honestly this breaks me down more than anything because every time I tell him how I feel he just yells at me and tells me I'm wrong.. I don't know what to do

    • :/ well hun I'm sorry to say but you need to have some space. If not for him but for you and the baby. He needs to realise what he's doing

    • He only cares about himself. I'm just done with it all