Does he really want it?

So I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 months, the sex is absolutely amazing, never like I have ever had, well thats what I thought anyway for first couple weeks were amazing , is it really dying already? He has turned me into a complete nympho and now he's boring! I do have to say that I am not very aggressive when I kno I should be I just don't kno how!!! I have it stuck in my head if he doesn't ask or touch me then he doesn't want it, but he says he wants it all the time and if I want it I can have i, he's telling, me but I need him to show me... How can I just get myself to attack him?


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  • in the last 5 times u had sex who started it

    • I would say him 1 me 4, guessing anyway!

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    • Lol a calmer manner? Do I sound like I am angry?

    • lets say women tend to get emotionnal and act in angry way even if they are not

  • Just walk in the room naked. He should get the idea with no words being said.

    • Canttttt I haven't let him see me completely naked yet! Well I'm sure he has but not me with confidence like that!

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    • My advice: Forget about it. He prefers you completely naked.

    • Ok well there's a Start i guess, I could be more aggressive that way

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