Lets talk about the friend zone, shall we?

I know, I know. Friend zone questions are all the same. But this time is different, I promise!

I think.

Rewind to my freshman year of high school. 13 year old me meets adorable sweet boy. Sophmore me professes love. Or rather, professes crush. Then I got friendzoned. Cool man, real cool. I get it though - he didn't owe me anything and being his friend was better then nothing. I was too innocent and naiive to date him back then anyways. I talk him through his first, second, and third love. And then the second love and third one again because he likes to get pulled back in. He helps me too. He gives me his coat when we are in a snowstorm, texts me all hours of every day, and has a smile that makes my knees weak. He tells me Im amazing and am the kind of woman he wants to marry someday. Then we graduate, move away, and gently forget each other, give or take a few hello texts, run ins at parties, and social media nods.

Now Im 21, and dont know why the fuck Im still holding the torch for a 7 year long crush, but Ill be damned if I dont make one more go at it before I move states in 2018. Help a girl out. Its that once in a lifetime chemistry that Im chasing - not a bruised ego.

How do you propose escaping a friendzone 7 years in the making, using Instagram, Facebook, maybe 2 or 3 in person encounters, and some planning? Ill try anything - I know Im a catch. Im educated, pretty in the womanly way he likes, ambitious and sweet ( and humble but Im trying to paint the picture fot you guys ) My challenge is getting him to think about and realize Im a potential lover, not just the girl I was. That Im a woman, not just the bro from my awkward pre pubescent days. I know entirely who I am and what I want - and he is on that list, if he wishes the same.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd saw let him know again stay in contact with the guy you let him know when you were 13 and your 21 now things chance hell if he's not interested and trust me my guess is he's hesitant because you guys have been friends for so long but I don't know I'd say take a chance make mistake and get messy

    And Adove getting any in you eye ( sorry has to make a Pervy joke at the end )


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  • Have you considered, y'know, asking him out in a date?

  • Imho the friend zone is only for people who always want to explore new things in a relationship and ain't ever satisfied with what they have with their partner.


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  • I am sorry, but I don't think that guy is interested in you, otherwise he would pursue you more. Do you still talk to him? Have you tried asking him out?