What should I do?

the girl in hat cuts my hair super hot, I've always had a thing for her. She's always had a shithead boyfriend, who she has a kid with: she will bad mouth him from time to time. I saw her out with him awhile back and she gave me a huge hug right in front of him and he was pissed and acted like a ass

Anyways I've had girls on and off over the years. She was friends with my last girlfriend, they used to work at same place. She recently left and text my ex "hey I'll still cut Dan's hair for discount". Won't still go see her. The first time she cut my hair she gave me a hug after. Now we kind of both linger around and chat after my haircut. This past time we were talking about the song where they say "down in the DM" and she was saying it had to do with sex. I was like what does it mean? And she was like you know down and kept pointing like towards her belly, down below. I was like "uh think it mans direct message" lol. Anyways, after haircut we talked for another 15 mins and I felt like she just wanted to keep chatting. We were talking Real Estste and investing. Then was like "maybe we could team up on real estate investing someday? I was lik "yea.. umm.. For sure.

Do do you think she's digging me?

shoukd I make move? Her boyfriend is totally a shit head to get.



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  • If you like her, go for it. Don't wait until she loses interest. Ask her out. The worst that can happen is she says no. I highly doubt that will be her answer though.

    • That's what in thinking!

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    • Jeez I'm always the guy that knows but doesn't believe

    • Have some faith in yourself. You might make a bad choice here and there, but don't let those setbacks guide you. Learn from them and you will do better next time. If we always do nothing because we think we will fail, we are guaranteed to fail because you didn't even try. Try these things and you will find that you were wrong in many if not most of the times. Sometimes you have to take risks to achieve things. Take no risk and you are right 100% of the time... you will fail. You can do it. It takes work, but the payoff is more than worth the work.

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  • Her boyfriend may be a "shithead" but he's the one she's chosen. Is he a shithead, or are you just jealous?

    You're reading far too much into this.

    There are plenty of single out women out there, you're wasting your time with this one. The girl has family, dude.

    • Family? Boyfriend? Why so mad and aggressive?

    • Sorry, I am mad at the moment thanks to my own son's shithead dad. Sorry.

      She does have a family though. Honestly, what makes you think she'd leave this guy for you now?
      Everyone gets annoyed with their partner. A lot of people flirt occasionally, but not many people are considering leaving a serious, committed relationship over this kind of thing.

      I do honestly think you've read to much into it.

    • Probably am!!😂😂

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