Great they thought we were dating!

Ok this really cute guy at my school and I have been talking a lot lately but the thing is he is dating my friend! The thing is that yesterday we had a track meet and we were hanging out and talking and stuff and this girl in our grade thought that we were dating! I have no problem with people thinking about that but I don't want to break my friends heat. And like sometimes he seems like he flirts with me more than with his girlfriend. I like him a lot and he texts me and talks to me all the time but I don't want to break my friends heart and stuff. O and did I mention he knows I like him and he kinda likes me but I don't know what to do right now but I don't want to seem and sound like a Slut or anything. And a lot of people think we are dating even my other FRIENDS! I just need help for what to do!


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  • umm.. girl you need to STAY AWAY FROM HIM. its going to cause tons of drama and you will lose tons of friends. there are plenty of other guys you can talk to. if that's ur friend's man. leave him alone. I'm telling you I've already been thru that except for it was vice versa I was the girl crushing on him and my friend liked him and didn't tell me and we stopped being friends for the rest of the year ): just sayin be careful. I advice you stop before it gets worse

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