I really need help on this guy?

I've been dating this guy for like a week or so and we've hosetly been having a lot of fun together and he's been showing me signs that show he's into me such as helping me with my math for like a few hours and asking ne out a couple times and I refused but finally said yes and we've been getting along just fine.. But the thing is recently when we hanged out I decided to kind of get a little more comfortable with him and keep out of the friend zone haha and at the movies on our date I rested my head on his shoulders and drank out of the same cup as him.. And I actually got to the movies earlier than him and I ended up paying for him and he insisted on paying me back.. Which was cute lol but after that night which was on Saturday I tried to pull back a bit to see if he would try reaching out and texting me so he did that night and he said "thank you so much for tonight, I had lots of fun" and so from that day on he hasn't been texting me or anything but he constantly checks up on my instagram stories and likes my posts and I'm honestly so frustrated like how did we have so much fun together but he's so busy that he can't even ask how my days been going or something? And I don't know if I should just walk away because he seems like a good guy...


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  • Not every guy is like that. Many just dont text at all. I avoid texting most of the time. Im not good at it, messages are frequently misunderstood by both parties and I overanalyze them. Its best to use it for casual talks here and there and to set up dates, but not much beyond that.

    • But what does this mean? Like why doesn't he tell me where we stand?

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    • I dont know how to ask him without sounding desperate?

    • You've gone on 4 dates in one week? No probelm then. You two seem to be getting along. Just tell him you've been wanting something more intimate and you wanna how he feels about you two. I think it s a good start, the rest is up to you.

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  • You can try asking him instead. Maybe he expects you to make plans.

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