This new to dating thing… especially texting etiquette?

I slept with a friend of mine the other week (on a Saturday night), thinking it was a one night stand I didn't expect for him to reach out (Tuesday) and text me all week as well as organising something that Saturday.

He booked a table at a very fancy and expensive place, we got along really well and eek back to his place. I stayed the night and we were all cuddly in the morning.

When I left he said "i'll text you, we can hang out next weekend". But he hasn't messaged me (it's Tuesday). I'm so new to this real, adult dating thing and I don't know how it works.

I am starting to like him a bit but I don't know what I am looking for or where it is going.
My past relationships have all started as friends and even if they haven't I can't remeber this awkward don't really know each other and NOT texting 24/7 stage. What happens now?

He seemed to enjoy himself, he even said in conversation that we would have to see my place sometime when I talked about it. Which leads me to believe that he wants to see me again. I want to seem interested and him be aware of that but I don't want to seem crazy interested and looking for anything because I just got out of something and am not sure i'm really there yet...


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  • Text him. He might be really nervious and maybe a little embarrassed. He still likes you thiugh, just unsure of how to handle it. See if he just wantsto do something low key, and see what happens from there.


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  • It's still Tuesday. If he hasn't contacted you till Thursday text him and ask him if you're going to hang out on Saturday or Sunday.