Is this a gentle brush of, or for real?

Met someone from a dating site, we'd been chatting for a day, had exchange numbers, met up, went out, then we went out the next day, and ended up back at mine. We'd agreed she could stay over, but I had no idea anything serious would happen and had no intention of anything serious happening. She'd said being together was very easy and felt very natural.

She went away and later in the day I got a text, which said (briefly), " she had a lovely weekend, I'd really like to see you again, but she felt uneasy with the pass of it and felt panicky this morning. she doesn't want a full blown relationship just yet and doesn't want the intensity of the weekend again yet"

I'm curious to know what you guys/girls think about the situation, should I go with this?


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  • Oh wow very confusing. She's unsure about what she wants just now. If a guy was indecisive about being with me or not , then I'd make the descion for him... by moving on from him.

    People who are confused about what they want are usually unpredictable and unreliable. These are two behaviours I wouldn't tolerate from anyone.

    Sometimes you have to put your own
    well -being first. She is , so you should too. She is only considering what she wants and doesn't want , but what about you... what do you want. Make a decision based on what you want and expect from a " relationship "

    . I'd never allow any other person to control what I want from a relationship. They need to consider my wants and needs too... not just their own

  • Gentle brush

    • Maybe? Although we're spending Sunday together. And she's talking about me coming down to see her, now she has her own place.

    • Se sounds confused

    • I know! Maybe she wants to make sure I want her for her and not just sex?

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