Should I ask this guy out or give up?

I met a guy at a festival and we dated all week there, holding hands, cuddling, kissing and having fun. He's a friend of friends and we went there as a group so we automatically spend time together there too.

However, I've been taking all the first steps all along. I flirted with him, kissed him, grabbed his hand first... he was eager to go on with things though, except for sex since it would be his first time. He was kinda shy but he was really sweet. At the end of the week he asked me to meet up back home sometime.

I texted him first every time we talked and now I haven't heard from him for over a week. Should I ask him on that date or wait and hope for him to take the step once, which probably won't ever happen?
And do you think he's lost interest?


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  • It's really up to you. Are you prepared to continue trying with someone who is going to make little effort themselves? I don't care if a guys shy, he can't expect a girl to do everything. I've had shy friends, I used to be shy myself.. I still went up and made my move, I was shaking.. But I still did it.. lol. If for whatever reason you really like him and are prepared to continually initiate everything, then go for it. But if it was me in that situation I would move on and find someone who doesn't make you do all the work.

    • I really liked him though... and he did initiate things after I had done them first. What also plays a part is that he hasn't had a serious relationship yet and had never done more than kissing, while I am quite experienced; I know how these things work.

      Not to argue my case, but I felt like that information was missing

    • Hey, you don't need to explain anything. It's not up to anyone to tell you what to do. Ultimately I can just say give my opinion and you can consider it but if you still really like him and want to keep it going, go right ahead. I know personally I didn't have to have a girl put effort in me before I learnt how a relationship should take place. I had girls asking me out and I didn't initiate anything because I didn't like them, when I finally had a girl who I did like show interest in me I forced myself to make a move and put in effort because I really liked her. I don't think no experience is an excuse for letting you do everything.

      Everyone's different, as I said.. If you're prepared to keep things the way they are with you initiating everything, do whatever makes you happy.. He may eventually start himself.. Who knows..

    • Thank you, I decided I'm going to ask him on this date of only to get some closure myself if it doesn't work out. I'll see how it goes and force myself to ask for some effort from his side. After that I'll keep away if he keeps ignoring me.

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  • You keep on initiating things with that person. Allow him to initiate one time. You should not be the one to constantly put an effort.


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  • He's shy. I say initiate this one and ask him why he doesn't initiate.

    I did this to my ex, as I was initiating things all the time. She told me that she's just shy, and she'll put in more effort from then on. And she did. I just had to let her know.

    If you don't talk to someone then how do you know what their intentions are?

  • Give it up


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