Im so frustrated any help?

So i've been talking to this guy for a week now and everything about him I like so far and so dpes he about me, when we hang we have so much fun together ans he's a super sweet guy and all but he's also a bit shy... I don't know what to do, like after our dates we say goodnight and thats it he won't text me for a few days or at least until I initiate contact and the other day I asled him for help about something and he helped me out and all but then I told him sorry for bothering you I didn't know who else to go to... Then he said "no problem!! You didn't..." like I just don't know where we stand and how this is going to work out when communication is the key to any relationship, like should I tell him its not gonna work out or just ignore him? He's just seems like a really good guy and I dont want to loose him...


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  • Talk to him about it

    • Tell him what exactly?

    • What do you think? The length of his dick? About your communication concerns

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  • You take a step back and chill out.

    You're soooo over thinking this and worrying about it. Remember this: If he's the man you're supposed to be with, what's the rush? You have a lifetime to be together. :]

    Take a deep breath and make yourself remember that this isn't a race. There is NO rush.

    Just tell him you're interested, and heck, ask HIM out.

    • Yeah but what about the communicating issue? Should I talk to him.. What do I tell him?

    • A lot of men aren't big on texting. They prefer face to face, and don't really like talking on the phone.

      Say hey "I'm going to (restaurant name/coffee shop) this *insert day* and don't want to go alone. Would you join me?"

      Or straight up ask if he wants to hang out. See if he's more social in person than over text and if he's got more to say. If he does, then he's not big into texting.

      If not, then he might just be shy; and that's who he is.