Would you date (Straight guys -befriend) Lip?

Would you date (Straight guys -befriend) Lip ?
~Grew up basically in the ghetto in a broken home
~Both parents are drug addicts and don't take care of their kids
~Older sister runs the household and basically every kid had to find ways to make cash to put food on the table once they were old enough.
~Is genius level
~Suffers from drug and alcohol problems. Tortured genius.
~Sarcastic and speaks his mind plainly
~Is sort of a swindler. Will find ways to make cash quick whether it's boosting cars, scamming people or doing SAT exams for people and getting near perfect scores.
~Goes to Harvard after only getting education in ghetto.
~Studied material for school on his own and barely went to classes.
~Looking for a father figure
~In the above video you see his charm in action. Girl rejects him for being a freshman and her being post grad for another guy. Decides to play match maker than be butt hurt.
~Not afraid to smash some skull or call people out on their shit

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  • Im not personally a fan of the bad boy type with a crazy ex but i love Lip 😊 and my bfs name is Philip lol


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  • No. Where he grew up or what his parents are like don't matter to me, but drug and alcohol problems are a deal breaker.

  • Id say noope