Guy disappeared after asked me out?

We didn't have a chance to meet after I gave him my number because he left on vacation to his grandmother's, we texted, occasionally but not 24/7.

Flirted, he asked me first when I'm free a few times, I vaguely told him, because I didn't know at the time, but I know he wanted to hang out at least once.

Two days ago was the day he would be coming back to the city, so I wrote him saying my exact free dates.
It's late night before our mutual free day, and he won't even reply a word. I see him going on social media, so he's not busy. I know for sure he wanted to see me.


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  • His mind could've changed

    • I'm quite calm and patient, so I don't think I personally did anything to set him off.
      Just boggled why, because he was very forward about seeing me, and then vanishes.

    • He decided you aren't for him

  • I mean I don't wanna bust a bro out on his game but pretty sure i know what he's doin lmao

    • I'll be glad to know xD

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    • That's like falling more in it , but if he don't do it till like all tommorow definitely do it to confirm if he's still in u lol

    • Alright, that makes sense thanks:)
      It's just that I have limited time with him, so I don't want to stretch anything.

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