Do you think she'll ever reply?

I went drinking on Sunday and there was this really drunk girl and her friends bailed on her. She was trying to talk to me but couldnt hear her. So I took her out of the bar and helped her sober up a bit but security said she was too drunk to let her back in so I got her some water and we chatted and went on to kissing. After that i helped find the bus home after we exchanged numbers and she said she hopes we can see each other again. I texted her an hour later to see if she got home safe. She replied with a yes. The next day asked how she was holding up but no reply. I'm thinking she probably doesn't remember that night which would be a bummer. What do you guys think?


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  • I've been there... Drunk me and sober me are completely opposite. If that was me I'd be too embarrassed.

    • That's interesting to know, so I guess I should leave it at that. It's a shame though haha

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    • Yeah sent her a message but no reply since so I've moved on. Thanks for the help!

    • Good hope you're ok xx

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  • She might not


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