Asking a girl for 'the talk'?

Long story short:

We went on 2 dates that were quite successful, however she later explained she wasn't ready to date because she wasn't over her ex (100% confirmed through her friends). She started to grow distant and colder even when I decided to give her space. She never asked for space, but since she began flaking and showing more disinterest I figured it would be best to explain I was giving her space and leaving the ball in her court. This all occurred a month ago but I can tell its still bugging her to an extent. We never clearly communicated our stances in the situation face to face, only through text. I was wondering how I would politely go about proposing 'the talk' to her without being forceful or making her uncomfortable. I just think it would be beneficial to both parties to clearly communicate how we feel and our next steps (or closure) to put ourselves at ease. I understand it won't be a 'fun' or comfortable talk, but I feel it is necessary as adults if she is willing to cooperate.

Thanks in advance!

Additional Details:

What she communicated is that she didn't want me to be 'the rebound guy' following the breakup because I was "worth more than that". I understand this could be interpreted as a good thing or as a polite rejection, but the intent of this talk is to get closure or for her to clearly communicate disinterest. If that is the case, then we can decide what the next steps are. Whether that be giving her space, just being friends, or dropping out of her life, etc, I need to have an understanding of what she wants to ensure she's comfortable.


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  • You could ask her out for a cup of coffee in the afternoon but to me, that sentence is pretty clear. She isn't interested in a serious relationship with you. For whatever reason. But that's a rejection... I'm sorry.

    • Is there a way to directly propose a discussion? I feel like asking her for coffee or to hangout will seem pushy and may result in a definite 'no' or flake.

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