Guys, Am I overreacting or is something going on?

I'm seeing this guy and have been for over a year and on the weekend I saw him tag this girl on Facebook in a couple of funny videos with emojis like 😂👌đŸŧ Etc...

i then saw when he opened his phone that they text a fair bit (more so her than him though). But regardless they were long texts that they both send somethings but again moreso her than him

he calls me everyday to chat, we still text and when I'm with him he's affectionate (little kisses and cuddles) and gives me his attention rather than replying to any messages he gets.

do you think there's an issue? Or is this just what guys do with friends?

  • Chill, overreacting this is friendship territory
    46% (6)
  • Worry, sounds like he's got her on the go too
    54% (7)
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He's also still tagging me in thing on fb too


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  • Worry, sounds like he's got her on the go too

    • ... Really ☚ī¸đŸ˜Ŗ

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