Girls, Should I be ok with just being eye candy for a girl?

Should I just be ok with being eye candy for a girl

Seeing though I'm incapable of getting a girlfriend, I mean I'm getting older I'm 24 and truthfully I'm finding a inner peace with never experiencing having a girlfriend or wife. There's things in life that are not meant for everyone that's why it Dosent Happen

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  • The nice version: No. Don't stoop to being eye candy. Even if someone doesn't come along that is right for you, you still shouldn't stoop just to have a relationship. Keep trying, and I'm sure someone will come along. Good Luck!

    The mean version: Now,
    A: From an attractiveness scale of 1-10, rate yourself.
    B: Now rate your personality on that same scale
    If A is higher than B, you have a problem with superficiality. If B is higher than A, you also have a problem, because now you're lying to yourself. Otherwise you would have a girlfriend by now. Sorry if that's harsh, but it's the truth. If you can't handle it, don't ask. :-)

    • Well I have a good personality

    • Nice reply: People believe what they want to. That's why I give people two options. You can choose to listen to whatever helps you. Whatever gives you the answer that you need. :-)

      Mean Reply: I got nothin'. Honestly, if you do have a nice personality, and you are not too bad physically, then women are at fault. Maybe you're just not putting yourself out there enough. Keep at it though. Peace.

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  • Going to be blunt, I think the title is a dead giveaway on why you're single.

    • Why's that they just look that's all I seriously can't get a girl

  • If that's what you want that's okay but cmon you're barely 24, you have MANY years until you're considered "too old" to not have a girlfriend or wife. Keep fishing out there

    • I'm almost 25 that's old

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