He texts, doesn't reply, but I know he isn't busy?

Guy seems interested in me, but my text has gone unanswered for more then 1/2 day. This is after he initiated a good morning text. I know he had work today, but he has time to post to facebook and like some of my posts. He isn't hiding that he isn't busy. I don't expect a guy to text me all the time. Interested or no? He always texts me good night/morning and we have video chatted quite a few times, we have expressed interest in each other. I am planning on going MIA on him the exact same way to see what he says.

Also he does have low self confidence (states on pro) and he talks about how he is overweight. I don't know if that is a factor.


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  • Guys and girls are told to wait when texting. So he's thinking "I shouldn't text her or I'll seem desperate" and you're thinking "I shouldn't text him or I'll seem desperate." Eventually one of your friends or one of his friends will tell you/him that it has been long enough and you should text him or he should text you.

    He's probably playing hard to get. Or his carrier is AT&T.

    • 12 hours though? After I have showed interest, I am not about to text someone who takes 12 hours or more to text again.

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    • Exactly because if I am always there to conveniently text back, he won't give another thought. I am not rewarding bad behavior by paying attention to him.

    • I wouldn't call it bad behavior. But if you are always there to text back, he knows he can keep you waiting and you'll initiate. Everyone likes to feel wanted, and no one likes to feel like they need another person. So I suggest waiting for him.

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  • Maybe he is interested to you still but not as to have you as his girlfriend. If he really likes to have a relationship with you then he will really make time for you. Answering text is so easy if he can post to his fb and everything then why not texting you back. Maybe you should be really aware of what he really wants from you. A friend or to have a relationship with. But i really do not know this is all my assumptions. If you have been into conversation for so long now then you should already have known him by now.

    • We have spoken about our personal lives and have talked about the possibility of meeting up (he lives kind of far away). He would casually mention things like cooking for me or taking me to dinner, so I know he is looking for a relationship, plus we met on a dating site.

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    • I really want to ask, but I know he will only tell me what I want to hear lol

    • That's true also. Men usually is good in making us believe what they think what we wants to hear. But I would really appreciate guys who honestly say what is in their mind no matter what the impact is. That is my SO. So many times I get hurt but I really appreciate his honesty though. :-)

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