Girls, How is it possible to want a girlfriend but also be scared of it at the same time?

Like I'm 24 I have wanted a girlfriend for a very long time and I always get sad when I see other couples hugging or holding hands. But then I think I don't even have female friends I don't understand how women work. She would get bored easily with me and quickly go to another guy.

Thanks for opinions


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  • Confidence, man! As long as your a decent guy and nice, you should have no problem getting a girlfriend. If someone gets bored of you, then obviously, they werent really worth it.

    • Looks matter it has always stopped me

    • I dont see whats wrong with that. Trust me. I used to be well over 300 pounds. Now im under 200. I was more confident about myself and then i got myself a boyfriend. He was the first boy to tell me i was beautiful. Yes, looks matter to an extent but they mean nothing if you have nothing else going for you.

    • I mean I have a good personality

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