Girls, do girls like guys who dress "emo" but aren't all emotional or overly sensitive?

So I wear skinny jeans and have long straighten hair but I'm not overly sensitive or anything like that, though I am a bit on thr shy side. But girls who are "normal" usually like me and I was wondering if this is common

  • I like guys with the emo look but not the attitude
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  • I don't like guys with the emo look
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  • I used to love the emo look when I was a teen, but it's a look that can hinder you as you mature. I would view an emo teen much different and one in their 30's. At some point we all have to become more professional. I gave up my goth chains and trench coat years ago, though I still incorporate some things, like my piercings and colored hair.
    I hope you can hold on to some of your uniqueness as time goes on!

  • No, I would think it was kinda immature.

  • i personally think, a guy with too much emotional side in him, is a major turn off. Shyness is OK, but too emotional/sensitive... meh

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