What's his case?

Okay so this guy left me after being intimate. But everything was perfect before hand. We had a great relationship and he just went ice cold after our intimacy. He even asked me to stay till the afternoon when i stayed over. Enw so he started pushing me away. I left it and then told him how I felt and he just staying cold only replying "ok" but every week he comment on my whatsapp profile picture. It's nothing slutty , just pic's from photoshoot sessions. And when I'm with another guy he has something to say about it. Now what the heck? He's just being a total asshole with me for really no reason.


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  • You're nothing but someone to fuck. He gets upset if your with someone else because it threatens to cut off his pussy supply

    • That's what I also thought but he declined my booty call offer and said it would be better if we didn't?

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    • Haha that's sad , shame 🙄 But thanks

    • I'm sorry

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  • Do you really want to be with a guy who keeps you guessing as to where you stand with him? Sounds to me like he got what he wanted. And only wants sex. There's nothing wrong with that, but from what it sounds like you aren't happy with the situation. So don't put up with it.

    He can comment on your WhatsAPP all he wants. But if he's not wanting to see you, then what's the point in worrying about him?

    Go out and have fun, the right guy will meet you and actually want to spend time with you and won't make you guess where you stand all the time.

  • We don't know what made him change his behavior toward you. He just wanted to sleep with you from the very beginning, or something you said/done was a turn off for him, or he's just a lame player.
    Whatever the reason being, now he's being an ass he's not treating you right. He doesn't deserve you. time for you to forget about him and drop him already. He ever comes back, don't even bother considering him!!