Help me I'm so confused what to do?

Hey kinda need help. My problem is there's this girl I like who I think also likes me but the problem being is one of my closest friends like her as well I'm not sure how to go about this I don't want to fall out with my friend but I like this girl a lot please help.


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  • What gives you the impression that she likes you?

    • Best friends on snapchat. Silly nickname. Always asking what my plans are. Sitting next to me whenever it's possible. Passing out on me when we're at parties I mean maybe I'm just getting my hopes up but I'd like to think she does.

    • If you want a definite answer, if she makes up any excuse to try and talk to you or hang out with you then she definitely likes you or if she's always subtly touching you and the amount of hours you guys spend talking to one another if a good indicator too.

    • Thanks I'll keep an eye out for these things😊

  • Get in there before he does. First in best dressed!!

    • Haha thanks I've been told this a lot just don't want to hurt my friend in the process.

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