Guy won't date me because of my dog, am I overreacting?

So I was dating this guy for about a month and talking for several months. I met him back in April. He was really nice, cute, sweet, and he complimented me and all that good stuff.

Then he found out I have a dog. I have my beagle for mental health therapy (I have Bi-Polar Disorder and BPD) and so I told him she's not going anywhere. I ended up having to tell him I had Bi-polar to help explain why my dog is needed. However, he told me he's allergic to dogs and if we ever lived together, she can't come. Which, to me, is completely bogus because he's spent the night at my apartment several times with her there and he has an air filter is his house that's designed to filter animal hair. He then said he was worried that he'd never see me because he's working and going to school, even though I will soon not be working and this has not been a problem until like... yesterday when he told me we shouldn't date.

Oh, and one last thing. No, we didn't have sex, but we messed around the past couple days. Monday at my place and yesterday at his. 5 minutes after I leave his house, he texts me and says we shouldn't date.

I'm really irritated. I feel like his reasons are flimsy and there's another reason why he doesn't want to date me, but he really emphasized that it was my dog. And I just think that's bull. He wants me to be his friend but I'm too annoyed to even talk to him right now.

Am I overreacting?
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FYI, maybe I didn't say this, but I like being fair in my questions. I've only known that he had a problem with my dog for a couple of weeks. I didn't know he had an issue with it until the day after he spent the night for the first time but that was like two or three weeks ago.
Guy won't date me because of my dog, am I overreacting?
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