Have you ever been so in love with a girl you don't ever look at her body?

I am. Right now. Because I don't care. I've never experienced this but I just don't care what she looks like under there. she is so perfect. And she is hot but I only know that because I somehow forced myself to look away from her face for a few seconds.

Anyone else never cared about the body because you're so in love with the person?

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  • Men fall in love with her face.
    But they notice the body of course.
    If the girl you are talking about had a body that was noticeably unattractive - you might not feel the same way.

    Thats why a woman thats looking for love should wear something sexy but not revealing. So the guy isn't too distracted ha

    • True. But she does have a noticeably attractive body. I just didn't notice it!

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  • id say yeah...

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