girlfriend advice, what would you do?

everything was fine last week. But all of a sudden now everything is bad. She says I don't want the same things as her. She wants to get married and move in asap. We've only been dating 3 months. I asked are you pregnant and she's like no but what if I was. I'm like last we had sex I didn't finish. So you couldn't be. Now she's upset cause I haven't met her folks cause her folks are never home. I told it's too fast to do all these things. She said she never been told no growling up. I don't know what to do. I'm worried she might be prego even though I don't feel it in my stomach or heart.


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  • DO NOT MENTION THIS TO HER but if this has only been going on for a week (which it sounds like it but I don't know I'm not the best reader) she could just be freaking out because her period or maybe her period is late which would send any girl into a frenzy of "what if I AM pregnant" and that could be what's freaking her out. Just try to calm her down and just do something relaxing, like watch a movie and propose the idea of just taking things a bit slower like not moving in yet or getting married. Good luck, love xx

    • I had sex with her Friday and now she thinks she pregnant 5 days later

    • I mean unless she is feeling ungodly sick (and she could just be sick) or she was due for her period there is no way of telling yet. There are some pregnancy tests that work at 6 days I think, but I would buy 2 tests if you take that route just to be sure. Google the companies to see how soon they work though. Just to reassure her that everything is okay.

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