Does this guy like me?

(I lack social skills) Okay so. I have a crush on guy A. I was walking through the cafeteria and at the beginning is where all the guys sit is where the aisle is. So as I was walking through they all started looking back and smiling, and I heard "you wanna go" whispers and guy A and B in front patted their backs. I went to go sit and eat after going through the aisle. I got up and went to go dump my tray , and I was about to go back the guy I like got up and gave me like a bro handshake (it was so awkward cuz I don't know how to do those things). I went back and I couldn't sit , I had to go to the bathroom , and holy shit I couldn't stop smiling and I was crying like all day. I am so happy like I feel like dying 😂😂. Should I just confess or let it slide? I don't want to get bullied. He shaked only other males hands for maybe a joke but why me?
It's all so new to me because I just started dressing in more fitted clothes and I lost a lot of weight and I starting wearing more natural makeup. I have no social skills. You can change your looks easily but damn it's hard to change your ways.

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  • To me it sounds good - You just seem so shy and everything is amplified in your mind - What it looks like is, they saw you and thought you were pretty then in that teenage awkward boy way (yes boys can be shy too) gave you a bro handshake - It is a lot more promising than if they didn't notice you - Totally go with your gut, watch for a bit of time and get to know him, if you think he is interested, think about letting him know how you feel - It is a learning curve for both of you.

    • Omg.
      He didn't if look me in the eye when he did it. He avoided eye contact. Holy crap.
      Im dying. Let me relax. They always say what you want is unexpected right

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    • Thanks for MHO

    • You are working WAY too hard, man

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  • 😍😍😍 same I have no social skills too 😂😂😂

  • Similar shit happen to me in middle school..
    But he didn't want me.. I just thought he did

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