Is it okay to talk about feelings with crush?

Is it okay to talk about how we feel with crush?


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  • I don't know
    I don't do that since I find it weird.
    By weird I mean why bother talking to someone like that about those stuff.
    I find it pointless.

    • Really? Im just wondering. Bcause she just changed a day or 2 days after we hanged out, and the last time, it was great. Nothings wrong. But now feels like somethings wrong. Tbh, she was interested in me... I don't know wht she feels now

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    • I want to. But is it okay? Im afraid that i can be invading her privacy... tbh i want to ask her out to talk about this. But she hasn't reply my text. Since 6.45PM. And now its 10.15AM here. Even she opened her instagram, path, and even post a snapchat on recent update

    • then nope

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  • Yeah it's ok.. it might just get awkward but go through with it. I did. Didn't work for me but at least I have it a shot.

    • I'd like to try but im too afraid to ask. Im also afraid that it would offend her. I mean i could be invade her privacy

    • Nope. thats what I thought too and it's ok. Maybe she's waiting for you to say something you know. It's not gonna offend her either, I'm sure it won't. Try it

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  • Probably a bad idea. How do you feel?

    • Well, im just curious you know. After we hanged out 2 times its like that she changed. We were fine until we hanged out 2 times, and when we hanged out the last time, i ask her if she's happy or not to hang out with me and she said yes. Even after we hanged out thelast time, after i dropped her on her home, she directly text me if i got home safely. But now it feels like she's changed

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    • I don't know what to to. Do the "we need to talk" or dont text her again (waiting for reply) or text her like nothing happened?

    • You gotta wait some time. And "we need to talk" might give her a bad impression of what's gonna happen

  • I wouldn't, unless she lies you. It might make her feel weird. Does she know you like her?

    • I think she know. She also interested in me back in the day. But now it feels like she's different

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    • We need to talk through text thing.

    • Omg. I dont believe it that i should do this. But i want to. What to say first? Is it still okay to ask her out? Or is it okay to show insecurity?