There is chemistry with her, but I am not sure it is more than just physical?

I met a girl on the train home some time ago. She asked me something random, which got us talking. After some time, I was surprised to hear she is going to enroll into the same study program as I have been following for years. We exchanged numbers and went our ways.

Today, she texted me she was bored and we decided to go for a coffee. In the evening, I texted her to see what she was up to. Since she was doing nothing, I asked her over to watch a movie. A fair amount of time into the move, we got closer and kissed which went on for the duration of the flick.

She just left and I find myself thinking about what I want from this. I am for sure attracted to her, we don't really seem to have a connection on a personal level. All I know is that I definitely want to see her again, but I am not sure that is for the right reasons. I am one to have a "one-night-stand", so I don't want to give her false hope (if that is even a legit thing to worry about).

What this all boils down to is, should I continue seeing her just to see where this ends up?


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  • Awww. It sounds cute, and defiantly worth a try. Ask her out for lunch or something, and get to know each other better. You went on the same course so you already have one thing in common. If the kiss in mentioned then don't freak out. Tell her you liked it if you did. Honesty is key. Also, don't rush into things. Not everyone is into one night stands. So if you like after a few (or maybe even the first date) indicate you may want more. If she responds soundly, then there you go. If she back away, don't get upset, somethings just take more time than others. Good luck.

    • We have actually talked quite a bit; it's (luckily) not that we are in continuous awkward silence. Like both you and RedVulcan suggested, I will simply see where this will go and get to know her better. Thanks for your answer!

    • No problem 😊

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  • First off, you lucky sob!
    Second, I'd say just go with the flow. If she believes the same as you and doesn't have the personal connection either, then you'll have your one night stand. If she wants to be more serious she'll make it known, I hope you know what to watch for.
    So far, she's been the one initiating things. If you feel the need to do something by yourself first, do it.

    • Haha thanks!

      I agree, at this point there is no harm it just going with the flow to see where it will go.

    • No problem! Hope it works out well.

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