I don't like his mother?

So basically I dont really like his mom and I don't think she likes me at all either. I try to avoid her. I would never tell him or anyone else this. What do u do when you don't like your boyfriends mother? My boyfriend and I are serious if that makes a difference.


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  • Just coexist with her that's all


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  • Just be nice. Kill her with kindness. She will have nothing bad to say, and if she does, she will look like an idiot.

    • I don't want to be all fake but I think I might have to be

    • Just be civil. You don't need to see her everyday (I assume you don't live with her). Tolerating her for a few hours when you do see her, isn't the end of the world.
      Soooo many couples don't get along with their in-laws. This isn't unheard of.

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  • Why you don't like her?

    • She is pretty out there and I am more quiet and reserved. She really likes her other sons girlfriend and they party togetehr. I'm just upset because I wish we could get along better

  • that's not good. if my girlfriend (if i had one) didn't like my mother, i wouldn't stay with her.

    • Welllll he doesn't know!

    • im just sayin'

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  • Ha, well I'm not the biggest fan of my boyfriends dad. I don't hate him, we just clash, and I told my boyfriend that and he knows we aren't a natural fit.

    I don't see what the harm is by saying how you feel.
    I told mine that me and his dad are just too different, I find him too sarcastic and grates on me, whereas his dad finds me too soft and sensitive. Sadly that's who we are. But we make an effort for each other and things have got a lot better. He's a very strange person - he really enjoys having the piss taken out of him and that's not something you do with your in laws... But I wouldn't know that's how to deal with him if I hadn't asked my boyfriend.

    Be honest. Your boyfriend doesn't need to share it but he may be able to help you deal with her better.

    • Intersting to here.. He really really loves his mom and would be very offended if I said anything. But it's kind of the same with me and his mom I'm kind of shy and quiet but she likes to go out and drink. She favors her other sons girlfriend because they party together

    • Yeah my other half loves his dad.

      Basically, his mum is very mummy - nothing is too much for him (even though he's 28, she's almost 68!!) and she is your typical Mrs Weasley kind of mum! His father is incredibly sarcastic, dad jokes are non stop, and has a very dry sense of humour.

      I'm like his mum. He takes mostly after his dad but has more social skills (many people don't get on with his dad). The differences are that my boyfriend lets up through love for me, just like his dad eases off for his mum. But he doesn't for me.

      It sounds like your in law is an older party girl. I think if you want to connect with her, the best thing would be to bridge the gap - have a glass of wine with her at home. Allow her to have multiple, but if you aren't comfy with that at least you have SOME in your hand. If she does press more on you if you've only been sipping she can't overload you.
      Perhaps something like a film night might be best? Suggest a film she likes (help from boyfriend) and a drink?

  • You have to get over it, depending on the reasons you don't like her.. Why don't you?

    • She favors her other sons girlfriend over me because they party and drink together. I'm not really into that so she considers me boring and a goody goody.

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    • Oooo savage. I like it. I'm taking this advice

    • Jus being honest lol