What to do on a first date?

what should I do on a first date, what do I do and do not do I've never been on a real date with a girl before and how long should it last?


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  • Elchristoph gave awesome advice, and I will just add that you want the mindset of seeing if SHE'S good enough for you. This is the Alpha Male mindset. A lot of guys go into dates worrying if they are good enough for the girl--wrong mindset. See what you can learn more about her, and qualify her--that is, see if she measures up to YOUR standards beyond just having a cute face and a nice personality. (Remember, you have just as much power to turn down a second date as she does. So why worry about it? You're two independent people.)

    Also, if you're thinking about getting to know another person, it'll take your mind off of worrying about yourself. So just relax and have fun getting to know the girl, and seeing if SHE makes the cut for YOU.

  • Hello,

    Keep it short, only about 1 hour. keep it simple as well somthing along the lines of a drink of coffee, keep the conversation light and funny. No serious topics the aim here is to make her laugh and have fun. be confident and sure of yourself and RELAX.

    what were doing is trying to asses her interest in you, if she is interested then she will emulate your body launguage and do things like toutch your arm.

    LISTEN to what she's saying to you especially when she's talking about her exes. and always be ready with a funny story or response that would work well in the conversation.

    women like Alpha males so she will be looking to you to lead the conversation.

    listen to your intuition as this will alert you to any red flags.

    Have fun and good luck