Should I keep trying or quit?

So this girl I who use to just talk and have conversation with recently got reconnected because we randomly stopped talking to each other for a long time for no particular reason. Now we started communicating again things were different this type. Sheasked me if she was my type and long story short we were texting back and forth for a bit. She showed a lot of interest and told me she likes me.

We we continue having conversation and she tells me she's attracted to me and likes me. We'd text back and forth a lot but I would leave conversation hanging Due to my phone not working for a period of time when we'd text back and forth some of my responses would be delayed for long time. Once I didn't text her for 5 hours and she expressed to me she was bothered by it that I didn't think about her within that time, but she said she was over it. So we continued texting after that and I did apologize for it because I was busy.

Few days after that that she began becoming less responsive over text as in we'd have small back and forth conversation then she would not reply for hours but when she replied she answers what I said. I brought it up to her if she wanted me to stop texting her. She gave some push back as if she didn't saying she is busy at times and etc, so I didn't.

So now I'm stuck in a place where it's like we have moments of back and forth conversation then she wants a while before replying. I know she's always by her phone and sometimes I send a text after waiting awhile and she instantly reads it and replies and then repeats the not texting back for awhile.

I'm looking for advice on is she now playing hard to get or interest has been lost? If she still into me what should I do just continue reply as normal and see where things go?

i don't know what to do


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  • I feel that ur months of being slow to respond has her thinking about ur disinterest an hurt her feelings and this is the result of that

    • It hasn't been months and I don't purposely do it. Like as soon as my phone would work I would reply

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    • Oh okay I understand from your perspective, and what would be recommended in changing things. Because I like her and want to be with her

    • I guess to tell her exactly what you just told me... are u ready for that?

  • You should quit


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  • sounds like she may really like you. let her make the next move.

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