Will you go if you were me?

Been chatted and video called with this guy for a few months.
Originally I want him to come visit me. But due to some reasons, that day will be postponed for few more months.

Thus he asked if I can go and visit him and he will pay for all my flight tickets and expenses. He wants me to be with him to know each other more since we have been chatted for a period of time and he says he likes me, just we both agreed that meeting is the only way to see if it really works between us.

We are far apart in different countries and continents.

Do you think I should go?
What would you do?

He wants an answer soon to plan the visit, please share your thoughts!
Thanks a lot!


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  • Tricky - but if you get a return ticket in your name, and confirm accommodation is say in a hotel or something, and it's a first world country - then why not?
    Though he could also come and visit you first...

    • Safety concern is the main reason as I've never met him in real life.
      For accommodation he was talking about living in his house, which would be more tricky I suppose.

    • Well you'd have to have a back-out plan - what is enough you'd need to work out.

Most Helpful Girl

  • No. I would never go to a different country in a different continent to meet some guy from the internet that I do not know with no one there to have my back should things go wrong. Especially not if I was mainly financially dependent on him for my trip home and lodging while I'm there. Depending on a man to cover your expenses can put you in a situation where you can be manipulated or you have to do things you may not be comfortable with in order to have your financial needs met. No woman should ever put herself in that position.

    Not only that, but three months is not enough time to know that you can truly trust him. You barely even know this guy. I would not recommend doing this at all

    • You actually addressed all the worries I have :/

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    • Too much to risk :/ You can't just trust anyone to be out of the country on another continent with. Not everyone has the integrity and morals for you to trust them with that experience. After three months, you really don't know if you can trust him.

    • Yeah I agree. :(
      Just because I don't have bad intentions doesn't mean he doesn't either.
      That's where the problem lies.

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  • Being the woman, you need him to come to you, where your safety net is.

    • I agree, and that's what we said before lol

    • Good. Stick to it.

  • i asked the same thing with and she can`t come :(

    • Then what did you do?

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    • I'm in Asia, he's in Europe.
      I have to make sure I can get a ticket home in case there's anything wrong.
      But whether to go is a problem now lol

      PS, hope you work out with her :)

    • go if u can

What Girls Said 3

  • well you both with eventually have to meet no matter which one of you will move
    good luck

    • Yes, but I would prefer he come to visit me to be honest...

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    • I know and that's why I asked this question :(((

    • just wait at least a year

  • If you like him and he likes you then why not go for it? You could make a holiday out of it and really enjoy yourself.

    • Why not go for it? Hmmm because for all she knows after only three months with someone who could easily lie about their whole life, he could be an intelligent, charming, clever psychopath, he could have raped a woman before in a sadistic way or in a 'She was drunk and seemed like she wanted it way', he could conduct illegal business, he could hang around shady people and she could end up being caught up in some mess in a foreign country, and he could generally not be the type of man you can trust to be far away from your home with.

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    • Awwwh shucks :) that's what I've been told lol

      @Asker I'd seriously advise against it :/

    • No problem. Hopefully whatever you decide to do turns out to be the right choice.

  • flight tickets... a few months. Fuck no

    • If he can pay for the tickets, he can come to you

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    • Yeah, I understand.
      That's why I asked this question as I don't want myself caught up in a hot mess.

    • Good, that's good

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