Is he still uspet or he's too much of a punk to tell me it's over?

So I've been seeing this guy for about 5 months and we had a great, intense connection. Well recently we had what I considered a hiccup. 2 weeks ago we were trying to make plans to see each other before he had to leave for a business trip for a week. He is a doctor and was very busy with work before his trip but he was trying to find ways to fit me into his schedule. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to see each other before his trip but we were talking about taking a trip of our own soon. Any who two days before he left I got upset with him and told him to forget about seeing me when he got back. So he left for his trip without us saying anything to each other. I realized the error of my ways and a week later I sent an apology text (he was out of the country). He replied "hey no worries. just saw your message. just landed in NY." So assumed everything was fine. Now, I had a family emergency (didn't tell him about this) and got caught up with that for the rest of the week and didn't respond back to his text. I reached out to him 3 days later and called him at 1 am (I was out with my friends). He didn't call back which was odd so I shot him a text the next day and said how I was around his side of town and wanted to see him and even cracked a joke. He replied with "Hey. Headed to work." So I said "oh ok. how about tomorrow?" He replied back with the emoji wearing sunglasses, w/e that meant. So the next day arrived and I said I was finishing up some work and would head to his house around 6 and he replied "hey. not there today". I just said ok and we haven't talked in 2 days. He's just been short and I feel like he's avoiding me. We would talk every day but now he's just short and cold. I'm not sure if he still needs space or if he's just not man enough to tell me he doesn't want to see me anymore. My friend said if he was done he wouldn't have replied to me those times I reached out and or he would've told me by now that this isn't what he wants anymore.


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  • You have SO overcomplicated this, wow!
    You mess up, then forget to text him, then call at 1am - and you wonder what's wrong?
    He'd have to be psycho to not wonder what it is that you are trying to do - so unreliable, you can't expect anything better in return (sorry).

    • So because my approach has been all wrong it doesn't seem like I know what I want is what you're saying? Almost like I'm toying with him?

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    • Thanks. I didn't think of it like that. So you don't think he's done per se but he's just keeping his distance because I'm confusing?

      Guess I'll just make one more effort and clear about it this time...

    • I don't know that he's done - depends how deep it was and what you both wanted out of it. It doesn't sound artificial, and at that level of closeness, maybe you sound uninterested and he's just not into being pushy (or creepy as the a-hole girls of today like to call it).
      See what you want - act accordingly, but without being loose about it - you'll get where he is on that.

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  • I think it's over. I have no idea why he would be stringing you along by replying. But then again, that's how some people are.

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