Why do I still care?

Almost a year ago, my ex dumped me. Brutal and caught me off guard at the time. I stupidly did the whole ex-sex for a few months, realised nothing was gonna change and decided to stop sleeping with him. He then told me not long after that he liked a girl from his work and started dating her not long after that. I was gutted. It took me weeks to stop crying all the time - not cause i lost him, i realise he is not the one, but from humiliation and being disappointed in myself. Today, I'm single, working a lot and living my life. He is still with his work girl and i still think about him ever other min of the day! Its driving me insane! I don't want him really, cause he is shit. So why do i still think about him, wonder what he is doing? Why do i still care about the boy who broke my heart and treated me like garbage?


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  • i thought austrailian people are more strong willed and easy going with all this alligators and koala :p
    move on dear go find someone else


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  • Because you're making a huge mistake by talking to him. It almost never works to keep in contact with your ex after a break-up. Everyone knows that!

    • Im not talking to him. I haven't seen him for almost 6 months. But i think about him all day every day. Its frustraing