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hey everybody.. My problem is that i'm such a douchebag and crazy person who falls in love with every girl he gets to know or talk to.. When they talk a little more then he may get sad and depressed when she's gone or when she doesn't have time for talking or chating.. Like now I met a girl online a week ago and we'ce been talking on a daily basis.. 24/7 .. Now she sometimes doesn't answer my questions or write me back til 3 or 4 hours later.. It may be okay taht we don't know each other well yet and so but what should I do so that I don't get sad and depressed after every message I write or a question I ask?


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  • You seem upset, talk to her and ask her if she's up for anything serious. Ask her questions like 'could you see yourself dating me' so you can see if you're both on the same page.


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