How do I go about talking to guys again?

I have not dated anyone in over 3 years. The last guy I talked to was an asshole. I want to talk to guys again on my new college campus or off campus but Im not sure where or how should I go about it.


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  • Just say hi, I'm... how are u & go from there. If at a certain point you feel like the convo is dying, ask for help about studies (even if you don't need it) :p

    • im on campus now and i talked to a guy but i still have not had the bravery to ask them for their number he seemed to be in a rush

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    • its hard for me to talk someone on campus because all my classes this semester are online so i only go on campus rarely, i take the trains and buses mainly so the only way i could meet someone would be at a train station or at a place i frequent

    • Do that. Talk to someone at the station. It doesn't necessarily has to be a guy from campus. If there's a place you frequently visit such as a park or food shop, and you see an attractive guy. Talk to him.

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  • Ask someone in one of your classes to study together.

    • My current classes are all online, but I go on campus to use the resources

    • Go to the caf or library where people are and ask a random question of someone you find cute.

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  • You want to talk to guys again!!! Women do NOT look for guys to talk to!!! Men come to YOU to talk to YOU!! I have never approached a man in me life - the dog always comes to the bone!!

    • Most of the guys that approach me are not my type

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    • im just telling you it makes you seem like a troll

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