Getting used ti to his texting habits, big deal or not?

At 1st I thought this guy was not into me due to the way he was texting me, but I just got the vibe that those are his habits. I met this guy online and we recently just started texting/skyping. He lives far away, so one day we hope to meet. Sometimes it takes hours for him to respond, though he isn't busy (judging from his posting activity on facebook). When we video chat he says things like "I hope to never have to see you like that" and "we will cross that bridge when we come it", so I know he is interested, just an adjustment for me. I don't need to be texting 24/7, but I do like a guy to pay attention to me. Is this a big deal? Should I settle? I know every guy is not going to be perfect. My ex and I texted like crazy in the 1st couple of months, but that still fell apart.


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  • No, never a big deal. A man's texting habits mean nothing unless you make a big deal about yourself.


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  • I don't consider it a big deal. But that's just me and I don't even like texting that much. However, if you think it is a big deal, you should address it to him.

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