Girls, Getting rejected all the time?

Is there something wrong? Looks, style, what is it that alway's gets me rejected I'm starting to loose faith and self-worth am i ugly is that it is my presence just off- putting Girls, Getting rejected all the time?
I don't want to give up but after a while it's very discouraging any help advice is it confidence maybe? I don't know


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  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with your appearance. I think most people find it difficult to get into a relationship. We all face rejection at times too.

    Usually the right person comes along at the least expected moment , in the most unexpected place.

    Don't assume there's something wrong with you Just because some girls fail to see your worth that doesn't mean your value goes down.

    • is there anything i can do to imorove socially?

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    • Not necessarily confidence in all aspects of their lives, but confident within themselves

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • I will tell you that from experience, your age group are still a bunch of superficial girls. Just focus on school/life and give it some time, more mature girls will come your way. I know this.

    • i don't want to wai to long what can i do to improve i don't want to wait until I'm 30

    • Thats the wrong attitude. In fact, being impatient is a big turn off. You are looking for a quick fix. To me, that is another turn off.

  • How about going to the gym? in my opinion you look a bit young, so that might be the problem. Women are attracted to "real men" if you know what I mean, so maybe working out will help you. But no worries you're not ugly at all, just a bit young :)

    • real men? wth sorry but last time i checked I'm a guy what else can i do to improve?

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    • Trust me, it sucks anyway.

    • 😥 ok I'll keep trying dress better be more confident and know my self-worth i guess.

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