Am I jealous that going on getting in relationship while i've never got myself one yet?

So.. we had a fire drill we all evacuated and my friend showed me who she liked and eventually ditched me off and when to talk to him even though she was freaking out on the inside. And she came to me and told me what happened. And he sounded like a really nice guy and not one of those jerks that I always assume. At lunch she's like "well that's my prom date :)"


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  • You don't actually sound jealous, but if you feel that way you should try to be happy for her because she is your friend. Anyway, you will eventually find someone as well, there is no need to feel bad about it. Also, stop comparing yourself to your friend. It doesn't make any sense. You're unique and different in every possible way, so comparing yourself to her is a little silly, don't you agree?

    • I'm not usually the one comparing myself to others. Maybe i shouldn't feel bad about it.

    • That is true. But then again, it's difficult to control the way you feel.

    • Maybe I need to be more confident around guys.

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