Does a guy have to be good at negging/teasing if he wants to get a girlfriend? is it essential, imperative? or can a guy get a girlfriend without it?

Because teasing, negging, are huge weaknesses of mine when it comes to talking to women.

I was hoping I would have gotten answers to this question by now


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  • It is not a necessity. However, it helps. Typically speaking, women enjoy being teased. I can't speak for everyone though.

    • Ya because I suck at it

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  • No, that is not a requirement at all, but I can see where you'd get that impression.

    The thing is, stuff like that starts to come more natural as you get to know each other better. I would never make some sarcastic comment about a girl I just met; only when I know she can handle that I will go there.

    But then still, that doesn't make it necessary. It is a cliche, but being yourself is the best you can do. If you can have a normal conversation with a women, you are fine.

    • And teasing is the same as flirting right?

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    • And you have been able to get a girlfriend without flirting or teasing? By just having plain, friendly, platonic, basic conversation?

    • Yes, although it obviously should be a fun conversation. A boring conversation won't help.

      Also, she must know you are interested. If not through flirting, you'd have to make it clear to her some other way. For instance, ask her out after you talked so her for some time

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