Is it flirting when a girl ask you "Am I distracting you?" ?

It happend when i and a girl went to bowling, I couldn't focus on playing, because I just wanted to talk to her instead of playing bowling, so I forgot many times that it was still my round to play when it was my round, and then she asked me " am i distracting you?"
was that a kind of flirting or what did she mean?

It was 3 month ago from now, so i can't really remember how I reacted to her question, maybe i just said nothing and smiled or said yes you do haha...(Can't remember)
But she was seem to be interested, when we talked she was looking me in the eyes the hole times and she did not looked at her phone that night when we were out.


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  • It's generally not what she is saying but how she is saying it...

  • It really depends. What was her facial expression when she said it? Was she smiling/giggling?


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  • It can be, but it fully depends on how she said it.

    For instance, if she is into you, she may ask that in a coy, flirty way; as if she is teasing you about it. At the same time, if she isn't into you, she may have noticed your lack of focus and asked it is a matter-of-fact fashion.

    Were there any other signs she was flirting with you? How did you reply to her question and how did she take it?