Girls! I need Your advice?

So, I made plans to meet with the girl I like about 4 times
each time there is some sort of excuse. She was tired and passed out after class
she had to go to her brothers concert
Her car broke down
she felt sick

each time we planned a few days in advance
she didn't let me no she was tired or passed out, I was at the restaurant alone like an asshole

she cancels on our next date last minute saying she forgot about her younger brothers concert

this past weekend her car broke down, so I offered to pick her up but she said "I had a stressful day we should reschedule"

today was the reschedule
Mage texts me 30 minutes before the reservation that she feels sick!!! Like wtf!!!

why do women do shit like this!


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  • She's not interested dear. I'm sorry

    • That's ok. I think I was a bit to enthusiastic with her.
      I made it to obvious I really liked her

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    • I hope so too. I've ran Into mr. Wrong a lot lol.

    • Ugh tell me about it! Haha
      It's so difficult nowadays for some reason!

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  • one thing lets start off by accepting the fact this girl doesn't want to go on a date with you. for your own sanity lets get that one out of the way.

    as to why she did this I don't know , maybe she enjoyed chatting with you and liked the attention but just didn't want to date someone. who knows is an endless amount of reasons. I'd focus on trying to date other people and working on an approach that leads to better results

    • Thanks man.
      I figured, but the way she texted and talked on the phone sounded sincere enough

      I am done with females. Yeah I guess I need another approach

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    • Yeah... I got that feeling but I was in denial thanks for the advice man

    • if I worked at a mall , I'd try and meet the girls there during breaks or lunch , I'd go to the places they go and try and meet them as long is they seemed interested in that. there is that window of opportunity to meet them at those times when there away from work and on break or lunch
      or talk to them where they work and pretend to need something or buy something at there store , there is that option too

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  • Dude, don't ever ask her on another date. EVER!

  • She is making excuses all the time bc she is not that interested and too scared to just tell you. So she is just stringing you along until you get the hint, hun: She doesn't want to date you. why? I don't know why but i do know that she is doing everything she can to keep from seeing you. Its so crystal clear that she does not want you. So why do you keep trying?

    • I am done trying.
      When we talked over the phone she sounded so sincere
      I don't know I feel stupid

      I got the hint finally... Thanks

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    • Hey it happens to all of us. trust me.

    • Thanks for your advice

  • She thinks she's either not wanting to hurt you or she is just trailing you on as 'just in case' situation. Like for when its convenient for her. She should cut the bs and tell you she's either not interested, hows not a good time in her life or whatever but don't lead you on that's childish. You deserve better.

  • She is not interested in you. You should give up on her.


What Guys Said 2

  • Sad to say but you're that guy thats not enuf to get her but just enough for her to almost consider it if nothing else better comes around

    Leave her

  • She doesn't seem highly motivated. :-|

    • Girls are never motivated to date a guy nowadays unless he can offer her a lot

      All I can offer her is food and love lol
      I don't know man. I try to do the right things, it's just not working out for some reason.
      I think it's because I am to kind and eager

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