My boyfriend won't break up with me?

Okay so.. my boyfriend won't break up with me, I DON'T want to break up w/ him. Bc I'm sure some people will think I do when I don't. But my boyfriend said he would never dump me. We do argue a little but hardly. And for a while I was really mad at him, and I suggested we take a break twice and he refused he said "no I'm not doing that" if I tried to bring up breaking up or taking a break he'll refuse. The only way he would break up w/ me is if, I cheated on him. But I don't want to break up, I'm very happy w/ my relationship. But I just want to know why he won't.

Does this mean he really loves me?

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  • What? I don't understand what is it that you want? your sentences are contradictory. You said you are happy in this relationship then why do you suggest taking a break and that too twice to your boyfriend?

    What's the purpose of that? Taking a break in a relationship most likely leads to breakup in the end. Are you trying to test his love towards you?

    This is not the right way to test it. Not according to me.

    Well, your boyfriend won't break up with you because he is a man of character, he is very secure and confident about himself and also about you being in his life and he has made it very clear that he will break up with you only if you cheat on him which makes sense and is completely understandable, that shows clarity in this thinking.

    Yes from all this it does indicate that he loves you but if you don't love him or if you think you are falling out of love then you should bring the courage within yourself to break up with him and do justice to him.

    • I suggested taking a break in the past because I was frustrated with him

  • be careful with suggesting a break as guys see breaks differently than girls, to us it means you want to be free to date other people and that means we have the right to have sex with other women. Men are very black and white when it comes to relationships, there are no breaks we are either together or we are not.

    • yep. well put. I've had many women "break up" with me only to come back a week or two later and be all warm and fuzzy, trying to open it up again-then horrified to find I've moved on and am with someone new. indecision is a bitch.

    • @feminismisnarcissism It was the same for me at college, they'd give me a lot of psycho babble and clich├ęs from bad chick flicks about needing time and space to work things out or she needs to decide what she wants. One chick came back after a month with no word from her expecting to pick up where she left off to find me eating dinner with my new girlfriend, dozy bitch couldn't pick up the phone once in a while.

  • Relations this unstable never end well.
    You might as well finish it.


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