Is she likely single?

I’m interested In this girl that works the desk at the gym. She used to have her Facebook with tons of photos of her and her boyfriend, Captions stating them in totally in love and such.

We have mutual friends on FB and I have never added her. I don’t stalk her FB but it seems now their couple photos are all gone like no traces of anything.

The intro statements about how in love they are in are gone. Her relationship status says “ no info to show” she says Female and interested in men.

He is still on her friends list... he only has one photo up of them.. one and an old one... no traces anywhere else. They only reason why I new he was the boyfriend was the photos that were plastered everywhere. it was obvious in her profile.

He has only one photo of them on his FB and nothing else. All this year I see stealing glances at me the entire of my workouts. I once chatted her up but she kind blew me off. I knew she had a boyfriend already.

Lately her demeanor is different and she says hi to me a lot, she’s less defensive of when we talk. The minute she was nice …I felt she has likely broken up with him and is now looking for someone new. Like her demeanour has changed.

Is this typical? Is she likely on the market again and looking? Is this what people do? I mean her social media is absent from him 100%. This wasn't like this before like months ago.

she's possibly single, she seems to be purging of the Ex on social media and now she and suddenly more friendly to me , possibly likely looking for a new guy. .. maybe? she wasn't kinda stuck up to me before. Now she's all of a sudden friendly as hell to me.

Also the timeline say started relationship "2014"... Now the relationship field is empty and says "no info to show". If she started it and declared it, she must have changed back to "no info to show" for some reason.. break up?

She's been friendlier to me lately. I know she works there but there is less of a wall there when we talk if that makes sense.

Your thoughts?



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  • They are either on a break or they are fighting a lot or they decided to break up. Why don't you ask her instead?

    • I thought that too but if it was a break unlikely the photos would all be gone.

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    • If I ask it's too obvious. Her FB was filled with declarations of the relationship. You could see it from space. Now its all gone. I mean she wasn't exactly hiding it before so why now? why no traces? his FB Its filled with anything couply

    • I mean his Facebook has nothing on it other than an old photo. If everything was so great then way the sudden change? They were going out for 2 years, so everyone they knew likely already new

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  • Instead of stalking her Facebook profile just ask her in person. It sounds to me like they have broken up but you will never know for sure until you have the balls to ask. You will need to ask her out sometime anyway if you want to pursue a relationship with the girl so its good to show you're confident and interested early before she thinks you aren't into her and just friendly.

    • This is all true but I know that people change FB privacy a lot. I have to ask without asking somehow

    • Just add her on Facebook. Then you should be able to see if she is in a relationship or not.

    • True I could add her but it would be too soon. I mean if they had a solid relationship. I should be able to see something. is FB is the same.