Does it break your heart if you get treated like shit by your SO?

Now that I'm single I now understand how much work and time my ex girlfriends invested in to get me to like them, make me happy, and get me to stay. However, I failed to see past their non virgin status, not realize the work they put into me, i slut shamed them, and treat them like shit!
I usually start treating them like shit and slut shaming them after they reveal they love me. Its like I broke their hearts.
Would it break your heart if your SO, started to slut shame you and treat you like shit?

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  • You sound like carefree, spoiled, self-centred idiot teen who thinks with his peen cause his brain is dead.


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  • Would it break my heart if my boyfriend started to treat me like shit and slut-shame me?
    No. I have too much self-respect for that. I'd leave his ass pretty fast, and wish him all the best in getting better acquainted with his hand.

    • Why would you leave pretty fast? Have you been through that before? Do you think you can replace him fast? Thoughts?

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    • How fast would you replace him?

    • whenever I met someone who I felt that I'd be okay dating. I wouldn't feel rushed to get back in a relationship anytime soon or anything.

  • If my fiance tried to slut shame me I'd...

    1. Leave his sorry ass
    2. Laugh in his face since my virtue is in tact and he is well aware of how far I've gone considering he's been my only serious relationship.

    • Why leave instead of work it out? Do you think there is an endless supply of guys and can replace him fast?

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    • How fast would you replace him?

    • You'd do well to learn that you don't always end relationships because you find someone better. You end them because the current partner doesn't help you be the best you that you can be.

      So I would not "replace" him. I might date again. I might not. It'd be my own damn business and no one else's. Especially not that of some guy online who is blatantly disrespectful toward women in his personal life.

  • He wouldn't be my SO because we'd have to be fucking for him to reach that status so.

  • My SO was a slut, so I dropped him. He didn't appear hurt...


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