How to Stop Craving Intimacy?


I am 24 and am really craving physical and mental Intimacy...

A girl who I can be myself with, share my feelings with... Someone that makes my day brighter, someone I can support too... Someone I am close too... Someone I can cuddle and watch movies with... Someone to be sexually active with... Someone who it feels like it's just us against the world...

I have never had a girlfriend, or done anything with a girl and it really sucks... I am not sure where I went wrong... Maybe It's because I am shy? Late bloomer? Never learned how to court a girl? Don't have a dad? I'm not sure of the reason...

I really need this Intimacy and I am not getting it... I tried asking girls out to get rejected, tried online dating, tried networking, been on three dates... but nothing has worked...

I feel so alone in this world, and It doesn't look like I will get this Intimacy anytime soon... So what do I do?
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How to Stop Craving Intimacy?
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