How do you know if he's losing interest in you?

He still contacts me everyday and treats me with affection, conversation is great but how do you know?


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  • I think his tone will change and will lack the love and consideration, you will be able to sense the lack of consideration also. It's hard to say what exactly can be the signs.


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  • With my boyfriend , he denied it at first. He said he can't keep constantly reassuring me (I just doubted him) and then he admitted it's like a chore to see me.
    Constantly making excuses as to why he cannot see you , then blaming it on you saying you are demanding too much time off of them.
    Focusing on other women more than you , for example my boyfriend would speak about other girls instead of me , so I didn't feel special.
    Spending more time on his phone and on games than you , even when you are meant to be spending quality time together.
    Becomes less affectionate , angry easily and , In my case tell me how he likes my hair and clothes. It was like he wasn't happy with me.
    Also if he doesn't listen to you and would rather watch TV than speqk with you , there is a problem.


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  • When he does the opposite of those things you just said he do.


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  • Im cheating on my black boyfriend with a fine ass Latino xD
    Man those boys can fuck good

    • That's wrong girl- have you acted differently towards your actual bf?

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    • But did you act differently while you were cheating on him?

    • Well yess but he wouldn't know anything so

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